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I posted before regarding glass v acrylic, decided to stick with glass, and having a browse came across the Juwel Rio just add water type set up. The 450 litre seems to be a good size, whether it is worth the extra cash over the 350 litre one , I don't know. They come with an internal filter, I have always had external before, and wondered if internal would be any good, and would the 450 be large enough as I am after setting up a S American tank with a few Geophagus, along with a blue Acara and a Severum or Uaru.

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Oh, hello then!
I'm not very familiar with those Juwel Rio Aquariums. The 450 liters of water volume sounds promising, at least. I will ALWAYS advocate for larger aquariums when stocking with New World Cichlids :)
But, the often biggest concern when stocking with Cichlids, is often NOT the volume capacity of the tank itself.
It's the bottom dimensions, or 'foot print' of the tank. That size determines how much actual room your fish stocked in the tank will have to swim freely, turn around in and to hold and defend territories. Cichlid species known for being relatively peaceful, can become extremely pugnacious when stocked in tanks too small to properly accommodate them with other fish. :x
The 151cm X 51cm dimensions of the 450 liter aquarium look pretty good to me, and the taller 66cm height will be appreciated by your Uaru (If you decide to stock with it). I would recommend stocking with a group of 'mini-sized' Geophagines for this tank, as the larger-growing Earth Eater species will appreciate a bit more bottom space than this tank will provide, if stocked in a group. This recent posting thread may help to inform, ... 0&t=453535

Good luck with it, and this sounds like it will be a very nice aquarium. 8)
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