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Juvie Blackbelt Viejas , or some type of severum?

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I've had these guys for a few months now, and thought they were blackbelt Viejas, but they are growing taller instead of longer! They were part of a Central/south american assortment.

Feedback please!

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BB's for sure and...

SinisterKisses said:
but they look like they might be slightly short-bodied, which is why they appear so tall.
...ditto on that!

I noticed that on the first few pictures you posted of them. ... t=#1126519
Nothing big. A little short-end of the genetics stick? lol
I think it makes them cuter. :D
Sorry to hear about it.
I bought my BB's as a young unsexed pair. It just didn't work out. They're very aggressive in general and even more toward one another. That really made them unappealing for me.
When I have a huge tank of several hundred gallons or a pond I'll want to keep one again.
I don't think they're hybrids. Just deformed.
They don't show any non-BB characteristics besides the shortness of the body and I've seen short bodied Xenotilapia, mbuna, eartheaters, livebearers, tetras etc. that were not hybrids.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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