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Hello I have my first ever two fish currently in a 20 gallon QT a 6-7cm Green Terror and 4cm Jack Dempsey I am feeding Hikari cichlid gold (baby size) three times a day (at around 9am 1pm and 5pm) the Hikari packet states "feed two to three times daily the amount your fish will completely consume in a few minutes"

I have read about bloat and want to avoid that or overfeeding my new fishy friends both fish are aware I feed from top left corner and after feeding they appear to want more pellets more often than not.

Currently I make sure each gets about 4 pellets per feed three times daily I also feed 1 or 2 Fluval bug bites per feed.

Due to how greedy and confident my Green Terror is and how many pellets he takes versus the Jack Dempsey who is more shy and will happily take 1 pellet then go into a corner before returning for more I am just concerned I am under feeding the Jack Dempsey and possibly even the Green Terror.

Can someone kindly confirm what feeding quantity they have had success with e.g how many pellets I should feed per fish ? (Hikari baby size (1.7-2mm)
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