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Just talked to the pet store....

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I called the local fish store and the guy there said that if I am adding salt to the tank that a Emperor 400 would not last because of the metal parts inside.
I have heard on here that and Emp. 400 is a great filter to have, what is your take on this?
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I've used emsom salt, baking soda and aquarium salt in my 55 with two Emps for 4 years and they are still runnin' strong.
Are they trying to sell you something else? Maybe something more $$ then an Emperor? :?
Same here with epsom salts, baking soda and aquarium salt. I have 2 Emporer filters with no problems. Every filter has some sort of metal parts inside. Sounds like BS to me.
Its been a long time since I had the impeller out of my AC filters, I want to say the shaft is a ceramic, not metal. The only metal would be in the mag drive itself, but it's sealed so water doesn't get into that part. I'd be very suprised if any filter using metal parts wasn't using a stainless grade steel, even in regular tap water plain steel will rust pretty quickly, adding salt would just make it happen a little faster.
Pretty much BS. The LFS down the road from me uses EMPs on some of their marine tanks.
Some shafts are ceramic some are stainless steel--no matter which brand you use, you gotta give the manufacturers SOME credit :lol:
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