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Ok mates I'm sorry but this is a very complicated very funny strange one.
So this past friday my South African Achi developed his first comfird case of ick....ok hay it's bound to happen. 3 years and well hay it happens.
So go out and buy "quick cure" lovely blue stuff......WHICH YOU SHOULDN'T GET ON YOUR FINGERS! I look as if I voted in the last Iraqi elections! Any how 3 days into his treatment and boy was he ever happy. Ick was vanishing off his skin and my little buddy was eating.
So come Wensday, I'm happy that my fish is happy and hay it's Yoga night this is going to be a great day! I get home and the wife is running around grabbing towels and throwing them on the ground "Shah the tank has a leak! Look!"
So there goes Yoga....ok leaky tank...this is going to be fun. So lets buy a new tank...only catch we have a 37 gal eclipse system tank. Tanks can't be sold without the eclipse unite.......DOH! So our kind Pet Smart Fish guy tells us to just move our little buddy to a smaller tank for a few days and we could just patch up the old tank with a bit of silicone gue....ok! Take one angry fish out of his home, place him in small as he tries to jump from small home back into old home all the while the two cats are walking around thinking...hay it's dinner time!
But's cool. We wanted to change his black store bought designer sub straight for something more natural any way. And since our water is a bit acidic and we have been having a hard time keeping the ph at the recomended 7.8-8.0 it would be a very cool time to switch to crushed coral and I hear ick lives in the sub straight so this would prevent future issues.....maybe.
So empty old tank, clean it out, come to realize that are really stinky! Find leak repatch entire bottom of tank come to realize that silicone is really stinky!
Let tank sit over night, water test, grab cat before angry Sichlid kills cat for trying to pick a fight.
So now comes today. Move day.
Grab bag of crushed pre cleaned sweet! slowly add crushed coral.
Add in all the little things like my little guys house and the bubbler donut and slowly fill up.
Add a bit of this stuff called "Prime" to assure that the chlorine is cleaned out, add a bit of stress cote stuff to calm the little guy dow add the 37 really clowedy....let's give it an hour. Run the system and well it got better but not great. By this time the little guy was just about going nuts trying to jump out of the little temp tank.
Did a quick water check and the PH was sitting at about 8 using one of those very inaccurate 5 in 1 API stick things.......yes i know but i'm a mechanical i look like I know chemistry?
So we let the little guy in.....and he seems happy. Moving aound palying with his bubbler swiming up and down and well just being his usual self.
So we figure after about 4 hours we take another reading to see how the PH has changed.
Before with the designer black substraight we would add this 8.2 ph stuff and the ph would climb to 8.2 then level off at 7.5-8.0 since our water oddly enough is slightly acidic.
So we test it again.....and hay cool 8.2 on the high side but the way our water is after we do the next wather changer in 2 weeks or so it should settle down a little to under 8.
So the crushed coral worked! Not only is it helping keep the PH in check but is also looks cool.....ah sort of.
It's clowdy. Not huge I can't see any thing clwody but still. Where before the water was crystal clear now there is a serious ammount of ultra fine particles in suspension...hay see I do know a bit of chemistry.
So the tank is back free from leaks, my little buddy is just chilling there breathing softly pondering where he is going to dig next, the cats are upset because they thought they could have taken him on but I'm not. My tank looks like the set of Cheech and Chon.
So what do you guys recomend. Also, what caused the leak?
Thanks in advance, sorry about the spelling and so on and so forth.

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Shah, you have definitely had an eventful week :( , you'll need the yoga by the time it is over :D

Firstly stress coat additive in my opinion is useless and not worth the effort or money.

Secondly, even though the coral was pre-washed i still would of washed it myself over and over again till i was happy with it. I wouldn't trust the shops washing ability as it would be minimal.

what filtration do you have?

There are 2 options but what you do will depend on your filtration.

1- leave the "dust" to settle which would take a little while, when i add new substrate i turn my filter off for a day or 2, when u do this you would need an airstone running so just lift it up of the bottom a bit. probably best idea depending on the size of the particles - i wouldn't want it to damage your propeller.

2- use a super fine polishing pad for a couple days.

Hope this points you in the right direction, someone else will surely chime in also.

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A super fine polishing pad? Hu?
Ah as for filtration it's the Eclipse over the tank thing. Sucks the water up, over a filter and on to a bio wheel then back into the tank.
I do have an air stone donut thing going just pump some O2 into the tank.
The ph how ever is perfect at 8.2 and holding. Before it would crash to 7 after abour 3 hours.
And my little guy sid doing well though at the moment not very hungry.
Maybe I'll just let it run for a bit and maybe things will settle down.
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