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Just feeding freeze-dried, frozen, and live worms?

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Sorry for posting this twice, but I wasn't getting much responce in the CA/SA section.

My grammode won't eat much pelleted food if any. What if I just feed him live mealworms, earthworms, freeze-dried krill and crickets, and frozen bloodworms. He eats all these quite well. I can soak the freeze-dried and frozen food in Kent Zoe, which is what I do often. Is this okay. I can starve him for 3 days and he will eat one or two pellets, then he holds out until I starve him again. He will eat the aforementioned foods every day.
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I've had this problem with my fish when they were young and it happened everytime i would run out of food and i would try something new. They would go on a hunger strike for over a week. The key is to offer a varied menu so the fish don't get sick. There is more value in the pellets than the frozen plus the price difference is staggering. So, tough it out and offer only the pelleted or flake food. Your fish will get very hungry and accept the food and after a week or so offer a small portion of frozen food as a treat.
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