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ok, i got a 120g on craigslist pretty cheap until i can do something bigger. I had a few questions about how i should decorate, from sand/gravel, to background and decor.

here's what i have
im putting 2 haitiensis and 3 red festae these fish are between 1"-2" in size and currently coexisting in a small 30 gallon.

i have access to free large rock that would look great in the tank. there's 1000's to pick from, so i was gonna build a nice cave structure to take up alot of the bottom portion of the tank, maybe piling it higher up to fill the top. plus i always throw a few clay pots from home depot in every tank cuz they are so cheap and the fish like them.

so anyways, what would u suggest for a gravel? i usually do natural stone
how about a background i ususally have whatever the store has as far as natural looking. *** been told flat black is a good choice?
fake plants? other ideas?

feel free to post pics or your tank,or tanks u like. or just suggest a place i can go to steal ideas

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