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Just aquired a 1200 GPH what?!

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So I just bought a gently used 1200 GPH pump for $18 from a guy selling off all his fish equipment. I've been wanting to build my own W/D sump for a while and now I have the piece that was going to cost me a lot of money. Trouble is I was just going to start out with a 10 gallon DIY with a 5 Gallon bucket. I may be wrong but I think this pump would be too much for such a small sump.

So my questions is, how big of a sump would I need to be able to use this 1200 GPH pump?
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what is the height it'll be at? most pumps goto about half volume transfered at 4-5 ft, so if it's 4 feet below the top of the tank it'll pump approx 600gph, which is a good volume for a 75 gallon tank imo.
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