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I picked up 4 Ps. red top Ndumbi almost 2 months ago. I threw them in a 55 hex with 5 mature yellow labs, a few other juvie mbuna, an adult male tropheus and 3 burmese botia.

I was warned about how aggressive they can be, and I gotta say these guys are MEAN! I've kept auratus and kenyi before but even they didn't seem to be as nasty as these guys are.

I think I have 2m/2f but I'm not positive because they are all brown colored still...

They are voracious eaters and have grown rapidly.

What gets me the most about them is the size of their heads. I'll liken them to pitbulls. They don't mess around with flashing or flaring up, they hit first and hit hard and fast. Their favorite tactic is the dive bomb.

For now their has been no real damage to any of them or their tank mates aside from a couple torn fins, but I'm gonna be watching closely...

Thanks for reading!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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