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julies in a 20 gallon -- best setup?

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Hi folks!

I'm using a 20 gallon "high" tank to stock some juvie mbuna before I put them in a larger 125 setup. But, in a month or so, I'll have an empty 20 gallon tank!

I'm toying with a small tang tank, maybe species only, maybe for breeding. I've done shellies, and I was breeding some daffodils... what else should I try?

My one thought was julies, but I never kept them. Any thoughts on a julie species 20 gallon tank? Any tankmates or "dithers" to try? I thought this might be a cool species to try, but I'm concerned that their reclusive nature might be a bit boring if they are solo.

Thanks in advance for any guidance!
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J. transcriptus are the smaller type Julie's that I'd recommend for that size of tank. I have a trio in a 40, and they sure don't need all that room!! I removed their tankmates as I was losing fry too quickly. :oops:
I had a buddy that bred a proven pair in a 5 gallon (no type on that size).
Large J. marleri actually. So if you can find a proven pair your golden but thats tough to do...
I think if you put in ALOT of rocks or structure though I think you will be fine.
Thanks for the quick responses...

Quick question, I was doing some reading... do julies breed and care for their fry in a similar fashion to brichardi? If a pair of julies bred, and the younger siblings were safe to care for the next batch of fry, that would make a good species tank.

That's one aspect I did like about the daffodils. Sure, one mated pair dominated the tank, but then each batch of fry was safe from their wrath afterward!
I have 3 broods in with mine so far, and they look after them quite well. Probably better if their owner would remove occupants that think the fry are treats. Yes, I'd say the same as the Brichardi to answer your question.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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