julidochromis regani

Julidochromis regani. Photo by Regani

One of the larger species of Julidochromis from Lake Tanganyika is the Julidochromis regani. Although they are said to grow quite large in the wild, their maximum size is the aquarium is around 6 inches. The other Julidochromis species tend to spend all their time in and around rocks and caves, but J. regani is comfortable over sandy shallows in search of crustaceans and mollusks.

In the aquarium Julidochromis regani's behavior is similar to the other species in the genus. Julidochromis will pair up as they mature and the bond usually lasts a lifetime. If one fish in the pair dies, it isn't uncommon for the other fish to die shortly after. Despite the strong bond, stress and sudden changes in the tank environment can break up a pair. To form a pair it is best to introduce a group of juvenile fish into an aquarium. Once a pair forms, other fish should be removed as the pair will not tolerate other J. regani in the tank. To learn more about Julidochromis regani or Julidochromis in general visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.