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Julidochromis Ornatus keep dying???

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I have had a Julidochromis Ornatus twice now and both times after up couple of weeks to a month they just Die????? Everything seems fine in the tank the PH might be a little low at around 8.0 but everyone else seems happy. They have been housed with Mbuna peacocks and Haps. Nobody pics on it that I have seen???
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J. ornatus is certainly not a fish that I would expect to compete very well with mbuna and many peacocks and Haps. I can't really answer why your fish died, perhaps stress, not enough food... but in the end it wasn't a mix that was likely to work out long term anyway.

J. marlieri or J. regani would be better Julidochromis to mix with your fish, though depending on which mbuna you have, might not make it either.
It didn't starve. I have seen it eat and it only made it two weeks which is less time than a female would hold for...... Stress... maybe but it seemed quite content swimming around in my holy rock.....
Not that this means the fish starved, just a factoid. Juli's are not mouthbrooders and therefore do not have the habit of going without food for 28 days.
My J. marlieri can hold it's own with the occies territorial defences and the how mellow the Calvus are in my Tang tank... but I don't think one would last 2 weeks in my Mbuna tank! If you are wanting to keep Julies, it's a great reason for a new tank, even if its a small (20-29g) one :wink:
it can be the constant stress from the mbuna. It is not a very good mix IMO.
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