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Julidochromis Egg Problems

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I've been having a bit of a problem I was hoping someone could help me with.
I recently moved homes with all of my fish and tanks. At my previous location I had a pair of J Marileri Gombe that spawned and produced fry quite regularly. After moving I set them back up in the same tank, but with different decor than before and after some initial bickering they seemed to have paired off again.

Some time after they got back together I saw the first clutch of eggs they'd laid in the tank. This was the first time I'd seen Julidochromis eggs because previous spawn sites of this pair and others were never clearly visible. The eggs were laid on the underside of a piece of slate and when I shone a light on them they appeared amber in colour so I assumed they were fertile. A few days later they'd all succumbed to fungus though. The same process has been repeated three times now and Im beginning to get frustrated. I have another pair of J Marileri Gombe successfully spawning in the next tank over so I ruled out the change in city water being the cause. Im pretty sure the eggs are being fertilized so I cant figure out what's wrong.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. The next step is to give them a new tank and try all over again which would be a hassle.
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The mother generally spends a good deal of time protecting the nest but now that I think about it when the two of them were using a piece of driftwood they were in the nest together all the time. Could that be the problem? I wasn't sure if Julidochromis were egg fanners or not because again I never got to see the eggs until now. If that's the problem Im thinking the only solution would be to try them in a new setup and hope they're more interested in staying in their den.
Well another batch appeared today when I got home and this one is most definetely fertile. I am crossing my fingers and hoping I get these guys hatched !
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