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Johanni with Maingano and labs

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Hi, I'm posting this for someone else so he can see as an example how to get much better advice than you would in a from his point of view

"I have a 4x2x2 tank that currently has 5 yellow labs, 5 metriaclima greshaki, 2males and 1 female melanochromis johanni and one green terror.

I had more female johnni but they died. do you think the male johanni may also kill the last female?
I have a chance to buy a breeding group of Melanochromis Cyanerhabados (7) 'mainganos', could I add them to the johanni, or is it better to get rid of the johanni altogether.

which is more agressive, johanni or maingano cichlids?

and could I add a fourth species if I went this way, maybe either cobalt blues or acei to the gresahki, labs, and melanochromis species?"

Thanks for your input guys,
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The johanni species is typically more aggressive, though I would expect an adult male cyaneorhabdos to be more aggressive than a johanni female.

I would remove the johanni females. I would also remove the Green Terror, it is simply going to get too big for this tank, and will be disruptive. Without removing it, I wouldn't add any other fish. You could add in some Ps. acei, and perhaps a Cynotilapia afra type.
On top of Fogelhund's wisdom I would like to say for you friend... Yes, the two Male johanni will most likely terrorize the female until she is dead and then each other. And no I would not add mainganos to the johannis for fear of hybridization. That is the same reason I wouldn't add cobalts with the greshaki. If by cobalt blues you mean, Metriaclima callainos (cobalt zebras)
yes i would have recommended removing all the johannis and adding mainganos (cyanerhabados) as well. Ps. Acei was also my first recomendation over cobalts because of hybridization with greshaki as well. You think you could fit some afras in there as well?

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