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Jebo Powerheads

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has anyone experience with Jebo, specifically the jebo AP2500 Powerhead?

Can you get spares easily? Are they reliable and quiet? etc.

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All their stuff is cheap and crappy do your self a favor and buy spend a little more money on a decent powerhead.
Thanks for the honest feedback.

Got any ideas who else does a 2,500 l/ph powerhead?
Although i agree with the cheap part, *** ran a protein skimmer on my reef tank for quite a while with great success. I wouldnt buy their lighting, and dont Greatly recommend their products, but the price hits the spot. . .And youd be surprised with some of the products they sell tbh.

I pulled mad skimmate with the ps75 skimmer and paid $25 brand new shipped to my door. It worked like a charm w no mods and would rather buy one every year or two if i had to instead of buying a skimmer that costs hundreds. . . .

With as cheap as the **** they sell is, its worth a shot. But if you prefer to err on the safe side pick up a higher quality one?
Hi Gib

Thanks for the feedback. I'm tempted to go for it, just because for the cost factor. $50 for two 2,500 l/ph powerheads means even if they last a year I won't have lost much. I wasn't going to use them for anything critical, just to power my under substrate jet system.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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