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JD Journal (lots of pics)

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I got my Jack Dempsey back in July. When I got her she was about 2.5 in long, now she's pushing 4"

now for the pictures

July 2007

September 2007

sorry for the nasty glass

I plan to keep updating these. I may include pictures of my EBJD's that I intend to pair with this regular female.
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Wow, nice pics :thumb: I love jacks, they're such awesome fish.
Its been awhile since I posted some pics, and I appologize for the monstorous size on these, but I always forget to change the image quality on my camera before I start taking fish shots.

These were taken in Feb.

These were taken Today.

This is hopefully her future mate, my EBJD, who I recently (and finally, I've had him since September) named Indy, short for Indigo Montoya which is a character from the Princess Bride and also serves as an omage to Indiana Jones.

I will be trying to pair them up as soon as I move, probably in August. It's great to look back at these picutres and to see her now. I take pride in hope colorful and the funny antics she pulls in her tank. I rarely see her chase or nip at other fish, yet they all no to stear clear of her, even the convicts. She is by far my favorite of my fish, including my EBJD.
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