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This started off white looked like calcium between eyes build-up. Today looks like chunk of flesh missing. Anyone know what this is and what I should do?
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It looks like some of the cases of hole in the head disease I have seen online. I am not experienced with this or cichlids so someone else can prove me wrong? Check some of the pics here
Agree with the above, it looks like a very advanced case of HITH.
What are your water parameters? pH? nitrate?
What is your water change schedule frequency, and volume?
+1 to @dstuer and @djr955 .
That's a very bad case of HITH.
Where JDs come from in nature (the Cenotes of Mexico), these cenotes, have constant, naturally filtered, upwellings of water from underground, which puts them in almost constant 100% water change, so there is never any detectable nitrate.
When an individual presents with this advanced HITH, it is usually an indication that not enough water is being changed weekly, and the mechanical media in the filters is not being cleaned out frequent enough.
Below is a video I took of their natural habitat.
Now I want to build a much bigger aqaurium lol. Cool video.
Now I want to build a much bigger aqaurium lol. Cool video.
When you see the kind of space JDs (or any cichlid), for that matter live in, in nature..... any of the puddles we deem as adequate or find acceptable as aquarists, seems paltry.
The best we can do is provide the space we can afford, and do enough water changes to make it a healthy environment.
But its also about being realistic, about what type, and size fish will live well, or simply survive in the space we have to give.
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