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when i walked into my room just to look at my fish, i looked at my 100 gallon for a couple of mins then turned and looked at my mbuna tank.
then i heard ALOT of splashing then i turned quickly and my jack dempsey was flying out of the water it scared the **** outta me.

anyone knows what made is kinda spas??

i have 1 red oscar, severum, texas, 3 pictus [all the do is chill and hide], channel cat [does the same thing], and a rhino pleco along with the JD.
i just dont want it to jump out of the tank...

and the others were just staying in one spot chilling xept for the jack dempsey

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Nothing. You just have a hectic tank. Not much you can do other than keep the tank covered tightly and hope the fish eventually calm down.
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