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I'm trying to narrow down my stocking list for my new 75. I was originally planning on either J. Ornatus or J. Transcriptus for my Julies, however after a bit more research I came across the J. Marksmithi (formerly J. Regani "Kipili"?).

The Marksmithi is such a pretty fish, but I'm not sure about the size. I've found articles stating it's 3-3.5", and others claim up to 5". Anyone with experience with these guys know the answer?

Would the Marksmithi do well in a community setup?

Also, if the Marksmithi does get up to 5", would I be able to keep a pair of them with my current stocking plan?

12 c. Leptosoma "Utinta"
5 l. Stappersi (will probably be down to 3-4 very quickly)
A. Calvus (either a lone, or will try to form a pair/harem. Still undecided.)
1 BN Pleco

This will be a standard 75G, 48"*18"*21". I will be running the Marineland 350 BIO Wheel HOB and an Eheim 2217 canister.
Any thoughts and advice is greatly appreciated!

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I can't remember if I had this species before the name change but I kept them in a species only tank with good results. Beautiful fish!

I checked the forum and the profile states 3.5" to 4.75" long,

They are torpedo shaped with smaller mouths but I don't know how they will do with the L. stappersi, especially if you want them to breed and raise fry.

I would try them and see how they do with your other fish. Worst thing would be they pick on the L. stappersi and you should be able to relocate them easier to a smaller tank if you have one.

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Donaca said:

So perhaps the different references I find on size were all correct.
Yes, the Kipili should grow larger, but shouldn't be a problem. It's not the Kipili or Calvus will all get 5" anytime soon, esp. females. Those shellies should be more than able to hold their own and they stay in their shells. Calvus will ignore.

Don't think they will bother the Leptosoma "Utinta" too much, but you want these be very comfortable or they will disappoint.
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