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I'm going to be setting up a dwarf cichlid tank with the following inhabitants - 2 rams, 2 apistos, 6 pygmy cories, and 10-12 tetra cardinals. It's a 20 long and comes with a whisper 40 filter. The whole tank/wood stand/filter set up is only $45, and I am picking up a fluval 305 and a cascade 1500 for another $50. I was thinking about just using the fluval 305, however that is a lot of movement for small fish. I was thinking about putting the outlet in the middle of the tank so as not to make one side have a huge current. This seemed like a good idea so as to have two calmer parts of the tank for each pair to call home. I just didn't know if it was too much for these smallish fish. any apisto keepers out there with heavy filters?
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