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In a cycled 29 gallon tank, this is what I would like:
Top: 2 male Lyretail Mollys (4-5 inches long)
Mid: 1 Angelfish (6 inches long)
7 Flame Tetras (1.5 inches)
Bot: 4 Peppered Corys (2 inches)

It seems a little overstocked at first, but look at how much bio-load each fish put out.
The mollies are mostly vegetarian, so they do not have horribly potent waste.
The Angel would be the biggest producer, but even then, it is still not much.
The Flame Tetras barely put out any at all
And last, the Corys do a double job; they eat any possible waste producing food that the other fish missed, and they barely put out any bioload.

I really don't think bioload will be an issue for an over filtrated 29 gallon.

The Mollies stay near the top, and don't venture to the bottom often.
The Angel is a little more of a mid/top dweller, and it could get a LITTLE aggressive towards the Mollies, but I don't think it would be a huge issue if I obtained the Angel as a baby, and put it with some mature Mollys.
The tetras are a little more slow, and peaceful than most larger tetras, so they would not harass the Angel, and the Angel couldn't eat them, so they are a good fit I think.
Corys...are corys; they stay out of the way, and do a nice job at getting left over food.

So, if my plans are all correct, this setup would work. No territorial issues really, and bioload wouldn't be an issue either. Space is fine as well :p Let me know what you think though!

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My initial thoughts are 4 cory cats are going to be a bit much. Course, it could keep their weight down.

We have 3 bottom feeders in our 55 gallon.
1 Pepper cory
1 golden dojo
1 Syndodontis Cat

All 3 have grown very quickly.
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