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Is this even possible? Demasoni question...

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So heres the deal... I have a 75gal with 12 demasoni... half of them are full grown the other half are about 2in. I added the smaller half in hopes of getting them to breed because i think my first batch was all males... so i put them in and a week later blam *** got a holding female... so i had a 55gal setup already to put the female in and she spat 6 little ones... well all 6 survived... the biggest is about a lil under an inch long lips to end of tail fin... the rest just a bit smaller... well i never took the female out because the rockwork in that tank is just a pain to move and if i did im scared i would lose the babies in the holes in the limestone... so i look in the tank yesterday and the female is holding... can fry around an inch long fertilize my females eggs? anyone ever experience anything like this? If he eggs are unfertile how long till she spits em out?
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