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If you have a 75G and are going mixed gender, you would want 4 species or less.

It sounded like you were going all male since in another post you mentioned the LFS helped you pick fish that look nothing alike.

So I would avoid adding females and remove any that you find.

In a 75G for all male I would stock about 12 fish. All male mbuna is a difficult tank since the mbuna are more aggressive than the haps and peacocks. Also a lot of mbuna are solid blue or orange/yellow, or blue barred so it is hard to get 12 fish that look nothing alike...especially if you avoid the most aggressive ones like auratus.

If they hang around together in one spot, it could be that they like it, BUT it also could be that there is a fish in the other half of the tank that is claiming that whole area...leaving only the other half for the majority of the fish.
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