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Is this a Jack Dempsey cichlid??

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Hello I just purchased this fish and the owner couldn't tell me if this was a jack Dempsey or not. The stripes kind of have me second guessing but I think it's a Dempsey? He had Jaguar cichlids in the same tank so maybe it's a hybrid? Not too sure. Any help please and thank you


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Hmmmmmm.... Did you purchase the fish from an LFS? Or, a private seller? If so, was it something he had raised out himself from fish that had spawned for him? And well, someone might recognize it and know right away what it is....
But, I'm gonna need a little more info, before possibly taking a shot.
So, how big is It?
And, can you send another picture? I would like to see a better view of its head and mouth.
This one shows his face better
Okay. NOW I'm ready to say that DEFINITELY looks like a young Jack Dempsey! :)
Plus, it's got softer dorsal and anal fin outlines, and looks just a little 'girly' to me. But well honestly, it's a bit too young for me to positively tell if its a male or female. 'Mr Chromedome' has got an eye for the details on these Cichlids however, and might be able to give you a better call on that if you're interested.... :wink:
Yeah, that fish is still a juvenile, hasn't picked a sex yet.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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