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I have a 75 gallon with the following fish:
- 7 OB peacock
- 1 red top lwanda peacok
- 1 bicolor peacock
- 1 eureka peacock
- 1 sulferhead peacock
- 1 red shoulder peacock
- 1 sp. 44 hap
- 1 electric blue hap
- 2 yellow tail acei
- 1 yellow lab
- 2 pictus catfish

I also have an FX6 filter along with Cascade 1000. The tank has been running for 2 months so far. I am using lava rocks as decoration. Temperature is 80 F and PH is 7.5

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If it is working, don't change anything. Assume these are all males? Whether it works or not is likely to change at around the one year mark and throughout the first two years. Things to watch for:

Pictus and Malawi have different ideal tank may want to give the pictus a custom tank at some point. I would think the cichlids would nibble at their barbels, but I have never kept them together.

Fish that look alike may be aggressive to each other, so watch the OBs and the acei.

SP 44 is an aggressive fish, he may eventually intimidate some of the others, cause them to show poor colors.

One jacobfreibergi/tank seems to work have eureka and Lwanda.

Sulphurhead is a timid peacock and may not show his best color in an all-male tank.

Personally I like 12 individuals in a 48" tank.
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