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Is "Blue Stone" ok?

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right column, second photo down.

Is this stone ok? because I'm reading "BlueStone" is sometimes feldspar sandstone or something and it can leach something into the water? I just bought quite a bit of this thinking its fine and now am nervous to use it...

I was able to break the blocks if I hit them just right on a sharp edge, and I can rub them down on the concrete to smooth the edges - what remains on the concrete can be rinsed away-it ends up looking like a gray mud... (so this does seem like a sandstone)

I REALLY want to use this since it stacks so nicely!! Does anyone know FOR SURE if this is ok?
I was hoping to load up the tank tonight...
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I use it, no problems.
Thats all I needed! This stuff is GREAT! I love being able to break it, stack it, rough it up - wish i'd found it sooner! Plus its not so rough that it'll tear up my fish like the lava rock!! :thumb:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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