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Is background safe?

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Made concrete background, left it outside for about two months, then attached it to my 125. After attaching the bg I did some touch up work with cement. let it cure for about 10 days while doing water changes. After I checked my parameters and everything was fine for about the last three days. Would it be safe to go ahead and put fish in it? I already have some peacock babies in there and they have been doing fine for about three days? Do you people think I could go ahead and put my show tank together, or should I wait some more? PH is 7.8 and stable and the fish are doing fine.
Please let me know what you guys think I am really nervous about putting my show fish in the tank! I'd really appreciate some advice from experienced people.
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all the concrete will do is raise your ph which is not such a bad thing with african cichlids.just keep an eye on it :thumb:
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