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Is A 46G Bow Tank Too Small For Angels?

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There's a 46G Bow with stand, hood, lights, and filter on CL for $100.
Seems like a decent deal, looks nice.

I'm wanting to do Angels, but now I'm reading that anything under like 75G is too small?
Is it better to have a "tall"?

Would I be able to do like 4 Angles in a 46G, with other smaller fish?
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What are the tanks demensions? I don't see any problems with a pair of angels, but I think 4 would be too many. You can stil add some dwarf cichlids and community fish around them.

And yes, it is better to have a tall aquarium when it comes to angels, but not because they swim vertically. An angels body is generally taller than long. Any tank with 18 inches of height work fine.
Well it looks like the 46G is already gone from CL.

I'll have to look around there, or buy from a store.
The other problem with Angels is, I've only seen one local store even sell them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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