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My fish have been in quarantine for about three weeks so its almost time to add them to the main tank. I will be adding eight male haps and peacocks ranging from 3.5- 5" at once into my 265. In another post, I detailed the specific fish and what my plans were for the tank. Currently in the tank are a six inch Dimidiochromis compressiceps, large colony of 35 plus Yellow Labs, 6 Synodontis multipunctatus and 4 clown loaches. My plan was to remove all the labs and the compressiceps, add the 8 new fish, let them get established for about a week and then return the compressiceps and probably 6-8 male labs (dont want any more fry).

I am starting to question this plan, however. I wonder if it would be better to leave the Compressiceps. He has picked out the left side of the tank by one of the plants as his home base. Since his initial introduction, he has calmed down a lot and rarely chases any of the labs except for when they are in his area while feeding. I feel like if I remove him and one of the new fish takes to that area there may be more of a battle once he goes back in. He is at least a good inch or more larger than anyone else. Would it be better to just let him defend his territory instead of taking him out and making him reestablish it, maybe with more aggression? Thanks for your opinions.
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