Interochromis loocki

Interochromis loocki. Photo by Ad Konings.​

Interochromis loocki is one of those species found throughout Lake Tanganyika, yet relatively rare. Its rarity carries over into the hobby as well. When this species does become available, it is often misnamed under some type of young Petrochromis. This is quite possibly due to the similar appearance between young I. loocki and various young Petrochromis species. I. loocki is also found feeding in the same areas and among Tropehus and Petrochromis.

From the limited information available on this species, they don't get as large as Petrochromis although some people have reported them up to 6 inches. Interochromis loocki is a maternal mouthbrooder that spends its days scraping algae and small organism from rocks. A diet high in vegetable matter is recommended with some protein mixed in. Below is a video showing I. loocki housed with some Tropheus. If you would like to discuss this I. loocki, it can be done in the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.