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So against my better judgement, I have two OB zebras in my tank. It's really not my choice as they are my boyfriend's favorite fish and he is not ready to get rid of one yet. In any case, the one is starting to chase the other more. That is until recently. It seems the Met. Mbweca is putting an end to it. He is the boss of the tank, but a very gentle ruler. He will chase others for a few seconds but that is it and never more agressive than that. Over the last couple of days, he has taken to be the pacifier of the tank though. When one OB zebra chases the other, he gets in the middle and instantly puts a stop to it. Not in a mean way, simply gets between them and they stop chasing.

I am so surprised by this fish. Has anyone ever seen such a peacemaker Mbuna?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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