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interesting behaviors - any idea what they mean?

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Hey All ~ I have a 75 gal tank that is currently housing about 30 south american cichlids of various sizes. We started with 10 fish 2 years ago. Different pairs are always having babies and 1 or 2 manage to survive each time. My fish are hilarious!! I love watching them. Within the last few days things are picking up in there home....spring is that why (longer days, warmer water)? They are REALLY getting crazy - super active and moving the rocks around, chasing each other, exchanging hiding places. I wouldn't call it aggressive behavior - there are no physical signs of distress. Pairs of fish will circle each other the way dogs do in a park, but of course much more eloquently and fast as sh$%t. What are they doing? I think they are courting but what do the experts say? Also, one fish sortof got the shakes today - he just sort of rapidly shook all over like he was shivering for maybe 15 seconds. What was THAT all about?

One more question.....we only feed our little guys once a day - it takes about 10 minutes. Is once a day enough, especially when they are so incredibly active? I am assuming since they are growing that they are getting enough but....

Thanks for your advice, Teri-)
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Welcome to Cichlid-forum!

Once a day is more than enough if you are feeding for 10 minutes...some recommend 30 seconds.

Fast circling is aggression. The shakes can be either aggression with another male or spawning if he is shaking over an egg that has just been laid by a female.
hmmmm. an egg? I thought all of the eggs were lain at one time. Where did I get that info? I dunno.....
When they spawn, the male and female swim in a circle. She lays an egg on each he comes around he shimmy's over the egg. And as she comes around she picks it up in her mouth and lays another. About 20 circles.
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