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olliesshop said:
Thanks for the guidance, especially on the Prime. I assumed you had to add it before you put the water in, and frankly I didn't have a tub big enough for that.
If you can't condition the water before adding it, the recommended solution is to condition the water as you're adding it by putting in the dose as your hose from the tap is pouring water into the tank. The only difference is that with this method you need to add enough conditioner for water in the WHOLE tank not just the water you added. For example, if you added 50 gallons of water to a 100 gallon tank (I'm just using these numbers for simplicity), you would add enough conditioner for 100 gallons (2 capfuls of Prime instead of 1).

A question to others: in this circumstance would it have been a good idea to lower the temperature slightly to reduce ammonia toxicity (I'm thinking of the link prov356 referenced in another thread)? Would it also be a good idea to add aquarium salt to prevent nitrite poisoning?
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