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Initial Juvenile Stocking

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300 litre 5 ft aquarium in planning

Initial juvenile stocking plan

15 Chindongo Saulosi
10 maingano
8 yellow tail Acei

Settled adult target
3 M 10 F Saulosi (will supplement with juveniles or sexed females as I need)
1 M 4 F Maingano
1 M 4 F Acei

How does this sound? any tweaks or suggestions?
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Shoot to end up with 1m:7f maingano.
8 total maingano hmmmm, if that's optimal instead of 8 of 1 species DJ can you suggest 2x 1M4F options and then I get a second species for almost the same load I can drop numbers on Salousi if need be as well
You would have to go 1m:4f saulosi and then you get only the one blue fish.

Acei, saulosi, rusties, white labs 1m:4f of each.
Ok :) as males and sub Dom males become apparent which one do you remove? Do you remove the dominant Male to let subs become apparent or remove sub Dom's as you find them?
I usually remove sub dominant males because the fish reject them and they are easy to catch.

But I could reverse that if I particularly liked a sub-dominant male and/or the tank boss was just crazy.
Amazing thanks :)

So after the advice on here and having found a reputable breeder and looking at their stock my current stock plan is

32 juveniles
(remove excess males replace with new juveniles)

Chindongo Salousi x8
Labidochromis chizumulae x8
Maingano x8
Afra Cobu x8

Target adult stock

Chindongo Salousi 1 M 5 F
Labidochromis chizumulae 1 M 4 F
Maingano 1 M 7 F
Afra Cobu 1 M 4 F

24 Adults
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Three species with blue barred fish. My guess is the cobue will not show their best color. I would do 1mL4f on thefe saulosi and 1m:7f chisumulae because they tend to be aggressive.

Only the maingano females are colorful like the males. Saulosi females are colorful.
Would white labs over the chisumalae be a sensible option?
Better but still 2 blue barred fish.
Ok so 1 blue bar is ideal hmmm

Chindongo Salousi 1 M 4 F
Labidochromis Nkhata Bay 1 M 4 F (or Rustys can't decide now ha ha)
Maingano 1 M 7 F
Acei 1 M 4 F

22 Adults


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Sounds good.
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