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In a debate with myself...

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So the first time around with Tangs, very recently, they all died due to an 8 year old and a bottle of Windex, hehe.

I'm re-cycling the tank with a large amount of gold fish and debating on what to put in there - after the advice I was given last time about lelupi, brichardi and calvus all being somewhat too broad for long term purposes I've come to the conclusion that I should stick with a single species.

I've got my choice of N. Pulcher "Daffodil" or I can get my hands on some firefin comps.

Just can't make up my mind - and I'm so new to these fish that I really don't know the ups and downs of the species.

So I'm looking for recommendations from you guys with more experience in the Tangs.

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Are you wanting to have these fish breed?

Also what is the size of the tank?
I intend for the fish to breed in the long run - yes - which is why I'd like to keep it species specific.

The tank is a 60 gallon, rough estimate on dimensions are 48"Lx12"Hx18"D

Here's a picture of the old setup before the Windex.

Since then I've added a lot more lacerock, some vallisneria in a back corner, a little bit of moss to some rocks for grazing, and some anubias nana plants.

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I was also considering spreading the rocks into two caves on opposing sides with a wide open space in the center and doing the firefin comps with some sort of shellies in the open space - but wasn't sure how well it would work.

The comps as of right now are only 2" in length, if that - so it would be quite some time before they grew up.

I've been given mixed opinions on this - that it would work out fine but I'd (obviously) lose shellie fry since comps are naturally ambush predators, and that it wouldn't work at all because comps are ambush predators.

Like I said, new to these guys - so whatever advice you guys can muster up is appreciated.
I had my comps (3 goldheads 1m/2f) in with my multie colony for a while. The multies still manage to grow in number. The comps tried to get the fry, but the multies generally gave them a good beating if they tried to enter the shell bed. The comps would patrol to outer edge of the shells and only got the few fry that strayed. The only reason I moved them out was they were not breeding.

PS. my comps are just over 2in (maybe 2.25) and they are on their third spawn.
I'll be following this thread closely...

I think I'm about to get sucked in, as well. I have a pair of brichardi that I've fallen in love with, and now, I'm wanting more Tanganyikans.

I've kept a few shell dwellers in the past, and had a wild pair of black calvus, but they were determined to kill each other, so I took them back to the importer. I'd really like to have some more of them.

I think with lots of cover your fish will do fine unless your really trying to get lots of numbers out of your fry. A few loses here or there is not the end of the world for just casual breeding

Here are some candidates..
I would recommend going into the

I would stick to brichardis and one other type of the following

Some of the larger shell dwellers
I think any of the Lamp super group
One of my favorite is Ctenichromis horeii

to add some vertical action add
some Cyprichromis
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I thought Brichardi are best in a species tank because once they start breeding they kill everything else in the tank?
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