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Hi...My name is Jason. I Got my first tank recently. I really like the Cichlid species, so I'm gonna try it out. My tank is only small (10 gallon) but a 20 will be on the way in a few months, so I will be upgrading.

Anyways, I only have the one fish in there now, a young white spotted Cichlid (Tropheus duboisi) He's been in there for 2 days now and seems to be doing fine. But I want to get as much information as possible on these fish.

What other kinds of fish can i put in there with him?
How many fish could I put in this tank?
Do I need to leave the light on all the time?
How often/how much should I feed him?
ANYTHING else you guys can tell me will be greatly appriciated!!

Thanks in advance for any replies!

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Whats up Jason, and welcome to the forum. check out this article

In you r current setup:
1. none
2. none
3. few hours a day, too much light can cause algae growth.
4. feed them as much as they can consume in 30 seconds.
5. You will need a larger tank if you want to keep the tropheus. If you want to keep the 10g going for now maybe you should look into a single shell dweller from lake Tanganyika

good luck
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