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im a newbie

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hope this is the right place to post this question.
but m just getting int this and i have a 20gal. tank with about 15 cichlids in it right now(4 bumblebees, 3 yellow labs, and 8 kenyi) but they are only a inch to a inch and a half right now. but im wanting to upgrade my tank already and im thinking a 55gal. would be good and of course ill be wanting more fish! so would a 55gal. be good for im guessing maybe a total of 20-25 fish? also am i able to mix different types of cichlids? :-?
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thanks for the quick replies im off to the tank store :thumb:
well its a good thing i just went to get prices! craigslist it is then. thanks
ok so craigslist worked out we just got back with a nice sized tank,stand,gravel,sand stones, heater, hood, light, filter, and a peacock eel. for 250 also I have a piece of i guess drift wood that i just have in a tank and just want to make sure it will be ok to use with the cichlids? like will it produce mold or will it benefit the tank besides just looks wise?
ok i got it setup ill probably just add some more stone in that right corner and bring it up to th front of the tank so they will have more places to swim thru and hide.

the measurements are 18w x 30l x 25h

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