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im a newbie

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hope this is the right place to post this question.
but m just getting int this and i have a 20gal. tank with about 15 cichlids in it right now(4 bumblebees, 3 yellow labs, and 8 kenyi) but they are only a inch to a inch and a half right now. but im wanting to upgrade my tank already and im thinking a 55gal. would be good and of course ill be wanting more fish! so would a 55gal. be good for im guessing maybe a total of 20-25 fish? also am i able to mix different types of cichlids? :-?
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I dont mean this mean but you have to find them cichlids a new home! You could probably go with 3-5 of them, just depending on size in your 20. Right now you are way overstocked! Remember to research! In the 55 i would say you could get 6-10 just depending on the size, filtration, and setup. Them fish arer going to grow, most at least 5''. That is 75'' of fish in a 20. I could see 15 neon tetras though in the 20.
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