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im a newbie

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hope this is the right place to post this question.
but m just getting int this and i have a 20gal. tank with about 15 cichlids in it right now(4 bumblebees, 3 yellow labs, and 8 kenyi) but they are only a inch to a inch and a half right now. but im wanting to upgrade my tank already and im thinking a 55gal. would be good and of course ill be wanting more fish! so would a 55gal. be good for im guessing maybe a total of 20-25 fish? also am i able to mix different types of cichlids? :-?
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Go for the largest possible tank you think you can manage and think stocking it afterwards. Take your time thinking things over.

And yes, you are able to mix cichlids but I strongly recommend against it. I know some keep SA, CA with africans but I just can't find any good things in that. Instead get more tanks to keep your points on interest! :thumb: For example that 20 gal would be nice for some dwarf cichlids companied by some tetras etc..
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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