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If you had to pick, what would you go for?

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I am setting up a 97 us gallon (120 length x 46 width x70 height cm) tank for Malawi Cichlids. I'm pretty limited with the number of good fish shops and the list below is from the best in Scotland, in my opinion.

If you guys had to set up a tank from the list below what would you go for?

Malawi Cichlids

Albino Auratus £6.99

Auratus £7.99

Blue Zebra £6.99

Gold Zebra £5.99

Hap. electra £6.99

Hap. moori £9.99

Jacobfriebergi £7.99

Little Lake £9.99

Melanochromis exaperatus £7.99

Melanochromis johanni £5.99

Pseudotropheus lillianicus £9.99

Pseudotropheus Zebra Blue & White £9.99

Red Zebra £7.99

Rusty £7.99

Yellow Labidochromis £6.99

Zebra Blue BB £6.99


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Can't go wrong with Yellow Labs, and personally, I absolutely LOVE the deep dark blues and blacks from the Melanochromis, specially against the bright yellow labs :)
"Blue Zebra" and "Gold Zebra" don't really identify the fish, they could be a lot of things. If that's the best available in local fish stores, I'd order online.

I'm going to move my mbuna into a tank with that footprint next year. I'm keeping Pseudotropheus Demasoni, Labidochromis Caeruleus, Metriaclima Estherae and Cynotilapia sp hara. Note the labs and zebras can hybridize so I let the Mom's spit in the tank.
Thanks for your help, I kind of thought that the list was misleading but that it was due to my lack of understanding Malawi Cichlids (so used to SA).

Ordering online is fine but only one or two places in the UK that do and they are not much better for Malawi stock. Will keep trying to source some decent fish though.


Maybe the LFS has the proper names, but they just aren't labeled on the tanks? It's a nice variety, but by the names given you can't really tell what is being sold.
Hap. electra = Placidochromis electra. will grow too big for your tank
Hap. moori = Cyrtocara moorii, will grow way too big (and agressive) for your tank

for a 97G tank you shouldn't go for Haplochromines (too big). Prob the same with most Peacocks.

I got a 99G tank with (male:female):
1:4 Cynotilapia Afra Cobue
1:1 Cynotilapia Galireya Reef
2:6 Labeotropheus Trewavasae (Chilumba)
1:5 Labidochromis Caeruleus "Yellow"
1:3 Melanochromis Auratus "Thumbi West"
2:5 Melanochromis Cyaneorhabdos "Maingano"
1:1 Metriaclima Aurora "Likoma"

From the list:

but what is Little Lake??
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I'd do an all male mbuna tank, except for the Auratus and then add lots of Yellow Lab and Rusty. :D I'll definitely get some of those Zebra BB Chilumba.....absolutely stunning males. :thumb:
The Electras because they are hard to find,also the Jacobs.and moori.
Thank you all for your help. I will speak to my LFS and find out exactly what they are selling (proper names).

The Zebra BB Chilumba's do look fantastic and I've just found another supplier who delivers and has a huge stock of Malawi cichlids on offer yipee.

I pick the tank up tomorrow, clean it up, put the coral sand and rocks in, add my old filter (still running in my SA tank) and get stocking........can't wait.

Thanks again


I had C. moorii and Yellow Labs in a 90 gallon and both were spawning regularily and got along.
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