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Hello all, I am new to cichlids and have been keeping a 29 gallon tank for almost one year now. After setting up my new tank, I went to my LFS and purchased one cichlid. The identity was uncertain to the LFS employee but he told me that the fish would live fine in a 29 gallon tank. My fish lives alone in the tank which is one concern. Do cichlids need to live with others to be happy or can they live by themselves? My fish seems to be happy in the tank all alone. He/she feeding habits are normal, he/she eats twice per day. I do a 25% water change once a week. The pH is between 8.0-8.5 and the water temp. is 78 deg. Is their anything else that I need to be doing/changing to ensure my pet lives a happy life?
Thank you very much!!!
P.S-Any help with identification would be much appreciated also.

Sorry, I had trouble uploading the picture, here is a link to the picture: ... 1_0280.jpg
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Looks to me like Met. estherae.

I wouldn't keep any Malawians by themselves. Mbuna are community-style fish. A group of these would need a larger tank, however, as they get aggressive and big.
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I agree with everything why_spyder said.
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