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Ideas for a new tank mate

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I recently lost a 4 year old Blue Acara :( and I'm looking to replace him with another cichlid. Any ideas on what might go well with my current fish? I would get another Blue Acara, but they are super hard to find where I live in Texas. I'm leaning towards picking up a green terror since they look similar to the Blue Acara. I'm just a little concerned about how aggressive a green terror would become.

I have a 220 gallon tank and I have listed the inhabitants below.

1 large Green Severum (5 years old and the king of my tank)
1 Keyhole Cichlid
1 Firemouth Cichlid
1 Convict Cichlid
2 Blood Parrots
1 Bala Shark
1 Pleco
6 clown loaches
5 Giant Danios
4 Australian Rainbow fish
2 corys
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A generous offer ksane, but I want to stay away from Green Terrors in the event that is what they actually are. I'm not sure what I just wrote makes sense :-?

Thanks anyway
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