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Ideas for a new tank mate

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I recently lost a 4 year old Blue Acara :( and I'm looking to replace him with another cichlid. Any ideas on what might go well with my current fish? I would get another Blue Acara, but they are super hard to find where I live in Texas. I'm leaning towards picking up a green terror since they look similar to the Blue Acara. I'm just a little concerned about how aggressive a green terror would become.

I have a 220 gallon tank and I have listed the inhabitants below.

1 large Green Severum (5 years old and the king of my tank)
1 Keyhole Cichlid
1 Firemouth Cichlid
1 Convict Cichlid
2 Blood Parrots
1 Bala Shark
1 Pleco
6 clown loaches
5 Giant Danios
4 Australian Rainbow fish
2 corys
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I just bought four 2" fish labeled as Blue Acaras (Aequidens Pulcher). A guy on another board thinks they're actually Green Terrors but they look like all the other Acaras I've seen posted. (Although the guy on the other board is pretty good with fish). I'm in Oklahoma City and don't plan on keeping them all, I'll send you 2 of them if you want lol
Yes, they *are Green Terrors as it turns out. But I'm ok with that. Turns out they've got the greatest personalities.
Yea, it made sense <g>. You type the way I think.
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