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My situation is this: I have a 5ft 115, with a 180g wet/dry and two AC 70's with THR and sand, and the following in the tank:

1. 11 f2 Kapampa with five (I think) males that are 4" to 5" long and six that are 3-4" females
2. Eight Neolamprologus leleupi (Yellow) with one 4" breeding pair, another male and .25 babies
3. 3; 3" multi poton. cats

I have had all of these guys since they were fry, and feed them WTA select prime flake and NLS. I also do 25-40% H2O change every week. I have not lost a fish and the leleupi are breeding like rabbits. They are doing great, however, I am going to "upgrade" to a 300G/8ft tank, in a month and I am trying to set-up the ideal tank for these Fronts. :thumb:

I know the drill about removing males, but they are all so nice and blue, and really do not want to get rid of the males :-? :? . I do notice that the largest male(alpha) is starting to chase some of the other males around the tank, and hiding in the one pot/cave..

Help!! How should I set this 300 up??

PS how do ya get _2.jpg pict in a message of like this? They are so blue!!
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