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Ideal diet for s. leucasticta

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Wondering about the ideal diet for leucasticta.

I feed mine Cichlid Gold, but I've heard that high protein diets can be a factor for HTH.

What do people feed their leucasticta?
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yes that should have been "mostly"cichlid gold [hikari], they do get algae wafers too, and some frozen foods.

I've got the stress and water quality covered, so checking out the diet.

My concern is that since s. leucasticta are less carnivorous than other large cichlids the cichlid pellets are probably too protein rich for them. None of the fish have shown any interest in veggies. I will try some more variety through. The shellfish is a good suggestion too, though I think the satanoperca might be too slow to get a look in on something that tasty!

My plan was to mix the cichlid pellets with algae disks, stick the whole lot in the morter and pestle and break it down a bit.

Would you recommend NLS over Hikari? Don't think I've seen NLS in shops here, though obviously I could order it.

Thanks for your reply dutchdude. I seem to recall you keep eartheaters? Ah and many bolivians.
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I think perhaps I have only the larger discs. Also I like to break up the food so its easier to sift and spreads around the tank more. Reduces squabbles at meal times.

I'll try blanching the zucchini. I put lots in the tank for the bristlenose and the satanapercha have never shown any interest but they couldn't eat it raw. It never occured to me that they would like it.

Thankyou for your responses, I will look at the other site
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