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Hmmmm... maybe I'm 'That Guy' Deeda mentioned above? If not, I'm sure DJRansome could certainly take a good crack at this one.
First off, the problem with 'automatic' water change systems? Is - they don't exist! Oh sure, you might be able to cobble together some kind of weird-looking thing, that may actually - sort of - work.

The biggest challenge to overcome, will be in dealing with Chloramine-treated, municipal tap water.
One of the absolute best ways to run an actual FISH ROOM, is to supply it with untreated Well Water. Oh yeah, if you can provide your fish an aquarium-safe source of well water? Oh my.... With bulkhead installed overflow systems on your tanks? Just run as much water as you want from the well into your aquarium(s). The water will drain off to a floor drain or be captured downstream in a big reservoir to water the lawn or all kinds of things. That's how the Pros down in Florida operate those really big Fish Farms down there. They NEVER do water changes! Just push massive amounts of well water through their grow out tanks, vats, ponds... whatever. Nitrate levels are kept at or near a zero PPM level at all times.
It's fantastic!
Otherwise, for the rest of us poor ol' 'regular folks' relying on chloramine treated, municpal tap water? To replicate some of that awesomeness... you're going to have to install and utilize a reservoir-based system to try and accomplish the same thing. In this case, you will need to install a pretty big water reservoir (heated?) somewhere pretty close to your aquarium(s). You fill the thing and treat it with Prime or some other thing to safely remove the Chloramine from the water. Then, direct flow out of it and to the aquarium(s) it supplies. You could utliize a very low GPH rated submersible pump for this, I suppose. But, gravity will work best, and you adjust the water flow rate to the aquarium(s) with a simple ball valve. Overflow from the supplied aquarium(s) goes to a floor drain or is captured downstream in another reservoir. It works! And in using a system like this, you can push some serious amounts of daily water through an aquarium. And, have zero to very low measured Nitrate levels!
The downfall of a system like this is that it is actually 'semi' automatic. That's because you are required to re-fill and treat the water supply reservoir on a regular basis. :oops:
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