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Hello everybody , need to identify a specie I'vee seen at lfs they have this one as a "mix" ussually w/ yellow labs, it has almost the same caracteristics as a yellow lab , is really awsome looking fish, all i can explain right now is the color the wholel fish is orange no stripes , no spots all orange about 3" and nobody has been able to give me an id.
Would love to get some w/ my labs if compatible of course
Thanks for any help
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If you don't have a picture to post, it really is next to impossible just to make guesses as to what it might be.
Sounds like red zebra, but like Fogelhund said, post some pics.
Found a profile very similar , looks like red zebra , will go to lfs to snap a picture to make sure, if is a red zebra will this be compatible w/ labs if I get small zebras
They get along well, but they cross-breed. So you would have a problem with hybrid fry.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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