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Ich(white spot)

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my fish have white spot - ich i know this sounds silly but can humans catch it ??? :eek: :fish:
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yeah thanx its wiped out all my tank before i even knew what it was i only had four fish in it just starting out i noticed out of my fish had white spots when i got it thought it was just patteren untill the rest got the same spots thanx for the link will help in the future going to try again ( oh has any one got any tips on th easiest fish to look after for a begginer ?)
thanx its only a small tank as im just starting out its 8litres and u currently have no fish in as they all died i have cleaned it as good as i can so the new fish have no chance of getting what the last ones had and its bin set up for 3days now with no fish , thanx for your help dnt want to see the fish go through anything like that again was'nt nice dave
sorry i put 8litre's i ment 80 lol
hi it is lenght:460mm x width:150mm x hieght:300mm i have done hieght to water level instead of top of tank im planning on getting a bigger tank once i learn more about keeping them and looking after the fish thanx again for your help dave
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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