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I have 2 Blood Parrot fish plus a few plecos in a 60 gallon tank. The tank has been established for years, and the 2 BP's were the most recent additions, 15 months ago. They were thriving, until yesterday when I noticed white dots that looked like classic ich symptoms. I've never had ich in this tank before, so it seemed impossible, but I began treating with Rid Ich Plus. Today the white spots are nearly all gone. I can see only one, although the fish are hiding most of the time because I've been disturbing them. Since Ich doesn't normally disappear so quickly, and should not appear at all without introducing an infected fish, then maybe I have something that resembles ich, but what? And if so, should I continue treating with formalin? Thanks for any advice.

Here are two photos taken yesterday. The more frontal one shows a small white patch near the 'nose', but it's a little washed out.

temp: 80 F
ammonia: 0
nitrites: 0
diet: assorted cichlid pellets plus dried blood worms
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