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I saw a spit!!!!

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It's right up there up on the list of the most amazing things I've ever seen lol. One of the holding maingano spit into some fake low "growing" plant stuff (kinda like a carpet)that I had put in the tank along with a pile of black rocks for spitting a few days prior. She only spit a few 4-5 the fist spit. Most of them went right down into the plant but one kept trying to get back into her mouth. She kept backing away from it but finally gave in and let it back inside her mouth. After chasing some other fish away from her spot she went back and spit again. There was even more than the one she let back in come out the second time. I had to leave for work so couldn't finish watching but what I did see was simply amazing. :dancing:
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I guess the first time you see it is the most amazing. I was reading today about how cryps breed and that sounds fascinating too. There's just so much to learn and enjoy in this hobbie. It's sooooo much more exciting than knitting lol.
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